Web Series: Spotlight 2

03 . Feb . 2018
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Tasting success with the first season of Spotlight, Vikram Bhatt has come out with season two of the series on the OTT platform Viu.

Vicky Verma, the once famous rockstar, is now nowhere near stardom with his drug addiction and not-so-friendly ways. Jo (short for Jyotika) is his ex-girlfriend who pushed him to reach great heights in his singing career. But Vicky messed up the relationship with his infidelity. In order to get back his lost stardom, Vicky now it is only Jo who can push him back to a disciplined life sans drugs.

After much persuasion from Vicky’s friends, Jo agrees to help him but under a strict contract. She makes sure that Vicky is able to get his life back on track and concentrate hard to make a big comeback as a rockstar. During the process, Vicky and Jo come closer. The problem though is that Jo is engaged to someone else.

The 13 part series is full of music and songs.

What’s WOW? The series has a simple narrative, which is commendable since very few people are able to manage that on the web. Karan as the troubled rockstar is composed yet effective. Aditi who is still making her mark matches up to her co-star.

What’s Blah? At 13 episodes, Spotlight has the ability to lose the audience’s attention. Given the short term deficit disorder, maybe a 6-7 episode would have been an ideal number for this series.

Indian web series still have a long way to go, but considering that digital entertainment is still in its nascent stage there’s always scope for improvement.

Parting Shot: The series may not be exciting for lovers of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Stranger Things. But if you loved watching the Bollywood film Aashiqui 2, you will also love Spotlight 2.

Director: Sidhant Sachdev

Cast:   Karan V Grover, Aditi Arya and Ruhi Singh

Writer: Vikram Bhatt

Spotlight 2 is now streaming on Viu.

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